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Leads Marketing Group is an Edmonton based marketing agency focused on getting the best advertising dollar ROI for local Canadian businesses. We take pride in driving qualified leads to your business as cost-effectively as possible.

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    Meet Our Team

    Nick Arrand

    Nicolas Arrand

    Director of Operations & PPC

    Nick has a passion for organization, processes, data and sleeps with a spreadsheet tucked under his pillow. Nick handles direction and operations for LMG in addition to leading the way on all PPC advertising. Nick loves putting together action plans and seeing them through to the end. He takes a tremendous amount of pride in running precise, data-driven PPC campaigns that get exceptional results. Working closely within Google in conjunction with several other programs, Nick has successfully exceeded benchmark conversion rates across many industries. Nick is fluent in both English and French and can therefore assist clients targeting all of Canada.

    Kris Shepherd

    Kris Shepherd

    Director of Sales & Business Development

    Kris’ passion lies with people. He is the frontman of Leads Marketing Group, always in touch with our clients and one step ahead of their needs. He has a passion for our clients and makes sure everyone gets what they want from their marketing team. Mr. Shepherd also handles our social media and branding programs and works on content creation. His creativity and positivity fuel our business, and he is our glue. He does not always drink beer, but when he does, the whole world wishes they could have one with him. Everyone needs a Kris. And with his Icelandic heritage, he is the “actual” Viking of LMG.

    Dallas Trimble

    Dallas Trimble

    Director of Content Development & SEO

    Dallas is a renaissance man equally at home in a suit, sweats or a Captain America costume. He loves all forms of strategy, especially digital strategy, and has a battle plan for every advertising campaign. When he is not contemplating string theory or reading the Art of War, you will find Dallas optimizing websites, creating content, and doing killer SEO. Mr. Trimble has a wealth of digital knowledge and is an expert on what it takes to drive leads via your website. When Dallas is not analyzing website data, you can find him the gym, lifting. He never skips leg day. If you need heavy stones moved in your yard, your websites ranking to improve or need a kick-ass comprehensive digital strategy give Dallas a call.

    Megan Flemming

    Megan Fleming

    Graphic Design/Website Development

    Megan has been working with Leads Marketing Group since early 2019. She is our graphic design lead. Megan produces exceptional graphic design work, including high-performing websites and visually stunning brochure projects. She is focused on the visual side of every project. From web to print media and everything in-between, she has a passion for all things creative. Megan has been a marketing specialist and graphic design professional for over 11 years. Armed with her dynamic skill set and experience, she is dedicated to helping businesses thrive through their visual identity and online presence.

    Sheena MacLean

    Sales & Project Assistant

    Sheena joined the Leads Marketing Group team in 2021. Sheena is the lead on a wide variety of projects that touch most areas of Leads Marketing Group’s product portfolio. She primarily works to support key project initiatives for both search engine optimization and search engine marketing. Sheena has a strong passion for digital marketing and is committed to the LMG vision of providing high-quality, data-focused marketing services.

    Eliysha Thompson

    Elishya Thomson

    Social Media/Photography

    Elishya specializes in social media branding and strategy development. She has also been doing photography for four years and is now Leads Marketing Group lead photographer. Elishya is passionate about using social media to shine a light on businesses by creating engaging content using her photography and branding techniques. Elishya anticipates opportunities and quickly capitalizes on them. Elishya ability to curate content and develop strategies prove to be successful and aligns with business goals and initiatives. She brings vision and expertise to every project she tackles. We are so happy to have her, her knowledge and attention to detail on our team.

    Derrick Mertz

    Derrick Mertz

    Information Technology

    As a Digital Marketing agency, our company’s success is based on a strong and secure digital foundation. Derrick plays an instrumental role for Leads Marketing Group by handling all IT administrative duties for our client's websites and our server. Derrick’s expertise allows us to host and manage client websites with confidence.


    James Vanderwekken

    Website Development

    James has been working with Leads Marketing Group since mid-2020. He specializes in creating high-quality, high-converting websites. He excels at creating functional, attractive and responsive websites on the WordPress Platform. Our clients have been thrilled with the quality work that James produces for Leads Marketing Group.

    As a partnership group, we always have fun and keep a positive attitude. We’ve built a strong community within our client relationships. With three distinct partner personality types, we cover all the bases from introvert to extrovert and everything in between. We ensure that your company is successful with it is marketing programs.

    Our Product Suite includes:

    At Leads Marketing Group,
    these are our fundamental principles that guide all our business decisions.
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    We work closely with our clients to understand their business and utilize their expertise to attract quality leads for their business.  We know that although we are digital marketing experts, we can take full advantage of our clients’ experience and knowledge within their industry. The result of this is the right type of marketing targeted to the correct audience.

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    Continuous Improvement


    Continuous Improvement

    When you are at the top, the only way to stay there is through continuous improvement.  And the only way to get there is by striving to do better each day.  Leads Marketing Group continuously works to improve everything we do.  Every month we review where we were successful and where we can improve in all areas.  We are continually creating better ways to achieve our goal of driving qualified leads to your business as efficiently as possible.

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    At Leads Marketing Group, we have the philosophy that if you cannot track and measure something, it did not happen.  We take great pride in being completely transparent.  We take the guesswork out of your marketing program.  We do what we say we will do, and we show you precisely what we did.

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    One of our most significant advantages is that we are locally focused. We live in the communities we serve.  We understand the local marketplace and take pride in sourcing all our work with local talent.  Being local gives us a huge advantage when it comes to targeting, understanding, and speaking to your actual customers. What works in Canada might not work elsewhere.

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    At Leads Marketing Group, our Customer-Focused approach has a dual purpose.  Firstly, through our collaborative process, we look to understand our client’s industry and their business goals to ensure the creation and launch of a successful marketing campaign.  Secondly, equally important is understanding who our client’s customers are so that our marketing campaign not only targets these individuals but engages with them with the ultimate goal of creating a lead.  We work to engage all customers to ensure successful and profitable marketing campaigns.

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    Useful data is a considerable resource that we utilize to drive our marketing decisions.  We do not make decisions based on feelings or hunches. Data backs all our marketing decisions. By taking a more scientific approach, we drive more qualified leads to your door.

    Our Process

    When Leads Marketing Group meets a new client, we follow a strict campaign building process. Our goal is always to drive the most qualified leads to your business for the lowest cost. We are platform agnostic and follow the money, not our feelings. Here is how we make the magic happen:

    Collaborative Discovery

    Marketing Plan

    Our process is always being reviewed and revised. We have nothing set in stone and learn from any opportunity or challenge that presents itself. By periodically starting the process over, we implement our learnings and make the programs better. Our clients expect excellence and tangible deliverables. We are so confident in our ability to generate exceptional long-term results that we do not require long term contracts. After the initial four months, all marketing programs are on a month-to-month basis.

    By never being satisfied, we constantly improve.

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