Creative Marketing: The Answer to Your Cross-Platform Promotion Strategy

Cross-platform promotion is a creative marketing strategy that allows businesses to connect with potential new customers on multiple platforms.

If you are trying to build a digital marketing strategy that helps you connect with a new audience, it may be time to consider cross-promotion. It is one of the best marketing strategies you can use to grow your following and reach new customers.

But what is cross-platform promotion, exactly?

Cross-Platform Promotion is a Creative Marketing Strategy That Connects You With Potential Customers

Cross-promotion expands the reach of your product or brand and connects you with potential customers who are on other marketing channels. You can reach these potential customers by cross-promoting your content with other businesses or promoting yourself on multiple platforms. It is a creative marketing strategy that allows you to venture out into different platforms and connect with new customers.

Here’s how cross-platform promotion can benefit your business and strengthen your brand.

Cross-Platform Promotion Helps You Build Relationships
With Other Brands

Cross-promotion allows you to connect with businesses both in and outside of your industry, giving you the ability to cross-promote in multiple industries and platforms.

You can make connections with other businesses by reaching out to them to see if they want to participate in a cross-promotion strategy. 

It is essential to ensure that the companies you connect with do business with similar customers. They should share the same core values, have a decent-sized following, and have a brand image that aligns with yours.

Creative marketing is all about getting out there on a wide range of platforms. By collaborating with other companies to promote your brand, you can turn your marketing strategy into a fun, creative one that draws in a new audience. 

Building the Right Strategy

To reap all the benefits of cross-promotion, you need to develop meaningful partnerships and collaborations with other companies. They should have the same core values and must have a brand image that aligns with yours. This way, you can create a strategy that brings the most value to your business and your customers.

Here are some creative marketing techniques you can consider in your cross-platform promotion strategy:

  • Joint promotional newsletters
  • Writing a joint eBook
  • Co-hosting a podcast or webinar together
  • Discount codes to promote partners/for both partners to promote

Cross-Promoting Your Own Content

Another great cross-promotion strategy that doesn’t involve collaborating with other brands is sharing your content across multiple mediums. The easiest way to do this is through various social media platforms. You can also target customers with promotions on related products when they are on your website, purchasing an item, reading an eNewsletter, and more.

Cross-promotion of your content on multiple platforms is a great way to voice your brand message on different mediums. When cross-promoting your content, always ensure that your brand messaging is the same across all platforms.

Take Your Strategy to Social Media

Whether you are promoting your content or if another brand is promoting your business, you should always take cross-promotion to social media. Social media marketing is one of the easiest and most effective ways to cross-promote. It would be best if you had a social media presence on all of the popular platforms. 

Cross-promotion will give you exposure to potential customers and widen your audience, increasing your social media following and bringing more traffic to your website, resulting in more leads and conversions.

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Leads Marketing Group Can Help Your Business Build a Creative Marketing Strategy that Produces Results


Cross-platform promotion can help you reach and connect with a wide range of potential customers. By creating value-filled content on multiple platforms, you can increase your brand awareness and improve your online presence. And when you collaborate with other companies to create meaningful content that adds value to your product, you can reach new customers.

Leads Marketing Group has the experience and knowledge necessary to help you create a cross-platform promotion strategy that aligns with your brand image and reaches your target audience. We can help drive qualified leads to your business. 

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