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Will Do The Work Necessary To BUILD THE SEO Of Any Business They Take On

I hired Leads marketing group a year ago for SEO because my current provider took fees and was not doing anything for me.  After asking my previous provider for something concrete to prove that they were doing work for the monthly fee, they refused to provide anything saying it was impossible to reveal the sources of their links.

The process of SEO has a reasonably simple concept behind it, generate website authority by adding content and backlinks into places that are relevant to your business; sounds incredibly easy, but it’s quite the grind to produce ongoing activity toward results.

Many SEO companies get comfortable throwing up a couple of backlinks every other week and charging a monthly fee for it. I don’t think the companies who hire people in India to do this work for them even know where the backlinks are getting placed; this is incredibly dangerous for your website; getting punished by Google is a death sentence to a business, when I got penalized by Google for having poor backlinks in 2012 I thought it was over, We managed to survive by word of mouth business, but it was challenging. Please don’t go through this yourself, I finally got released by google when a new update came up, and my irrelevant backlinks had dropped off. Backlinks get dropped over time; this is why it is necessary to keep adding content and backlinks.

I believe Leads marketing will do the work necessary to build the SEO of any business they take on; I have seen results happen slowly and methodically, which is indicative of the way Google’s algorithms are designed to work; a sudden jump is not a normal activity, thank you to the guys at Leads marketing for finally doing this job for me so I can concentrate on my job instead of worrying about this all day. I highly recommend hiring the team at Leads Marketing for your SEO needs.